The Ban

Calls for Muslims to be banned from the United States are expressed in the mainstream. But what would it mean to create an America without Muslims?

Did you know?
  • UniversityThe idea of a university in the modern sense is an Arab innovation developed at the al-Azhar university in Cairo. Medieval Europeans imported the idea to create the famous universities of France and Italy. Terms such as having "fellows" holding a "chair," or students "reading" a subject and obtaining "degrees," as well as practices such as inaugural lectures and academic robes, can all be traced back to Islamic concepts and practices.
  • DeodorantDeodorant was invented by the African musician and inventor Ziryab, who was born in Baghdad in the eighth century. He also invented toothpaste.
  • AlgorithmThe word "algorithm" comes from the Persian mathematician al-Khwarizmi, who worked in Baghdad in the eighth and ninth centuries. In Europe, his name was translated as "Algoritmi." The decimal number system we use today came to Europe from translations of his works.

Ideological Screening

The FBI thinks it can predict who will be a terrorist with a list of ordinary behaviors among Muslims. Are they right?

How the government profiles Muslims
  • The FBI’s analysis of radicalization mistakes behaviors such as “increased isolation from former life,” “wearing traditional Muslim attire,” “growing facial hair,” and “frequent attendance at a mosque or a prayer group” for indicators that an individual is on a path to becoming violent. The use of these indicators is justified by the FBI with a theory that the more Islamic one's ideology, the closer one is to becoming violent.
  • But this theory is wrong. Millions of dollars have been spent by the government trying to find evidence to support it - to no avail. Nevertheless, the FBI uses this radicalization theory to justify targeting Muslims with wide-ranging surveillance, infiltration with informants, and prosecutions based not on evidence of wrongdoing but on religious and political expression.
  • The New York Police Department has also adopted the FBI's radicalization theory. One of its studies of radicalization incorrectly claims that giving up "urban hip-hop gangster clothes” in favor of "traditional Islamic clothing” is a sign of radicalization.

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